Neko girl {Lulu_chan★’s request}

After so many attempts I finally made it. A digital drawing!! Yeaaah! Well, here you got your dark-emo neko, Lulu. Hope you like it!

Well, I am proud of this drawing (Finally) because is my first serious digital drawing and, although there are some fails, it turned out really well! If you want your request to be digital (That goes to: Koset, Osmarys, Loslunesperros, Zankhana Goyal and Pour mix and create. Oh, and also to Anne runs on tea, because the drawing I made you is HORRIBLE. If you want me to repeat it I will. K, Anne?) just tell me and I will try. But if you want a request now, you’ll have to wait, until I finish all the requests mentioned before. Well, hope you guys like it and…

OH! Btw, I am going to watch Infinity War this monday, so if you want me to do a review without spoilers, of course just put it in the comments. And don’t spoil me pleaseee! Well, now… Byeeeee!

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