New O.C: Lily

Hiii! Here I have a new O.C called Lily. She’s got a stister called Sunny (Although I’m not sure about the name).

I have loads of drawings of her because I love her so much :3

Name: Lily (Her real name is Saya, though)

Gender: Feminine (She/Her)

Age: 16

She looks serious because she just shows her emotions to people she cares about. In the inside she is very sensitive (like too much). Her story is tragic and goes along with Arte’s story (like they were in that weird lab together, and the serum that was given to Arte comes from Lily and Sunny, her sister).

Likes: Night, rain, animals (specially wolves), music, dancing (secretly), the Moon and hugs. Of people he cares about.

Dislikes: Bullies, exposing her feelings, parties, reggae and needles.

She has also got powers, but I will explain that in anither post :3

Here you got other drawings I did of her:

I was actually proud of this…

That is Lily using her powers.That was for the Inktober

Aaand I know, the only one I like is the Moon drawing (that took me a while btw)

Oh, and whoever draws her shall be loved and appreciated by me. >w<

And that’s it! I will publish her sis tomorrow/this afternoon.


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