New O.C: Sunny

Hi there! Here I am, introducing my new O.C and Lily’s sister. They are twins (they don’t look alike tho)

Well here she is:

This is a digital doodle.This is her kind of sleeping? I made this drawing for the Inktober

This is her when she had long hair (This is for the Inktober as well.)

Name: Sunny (Her real name is Youko)

Gender: Feminine

She is really kind and cheerful to others, even when she is hurt. She is Lily’s sister, and escaped with her and Arte from the lab. She is so cheerful that almost everyone loves her.

Likes: Day, Sun, animals (Specially lions), music, people, parties and the beach

Dislikes: Darkness, bullies, people being sad (that’s why she is always cheerful), needles, teachers and flirty boys.

And that’s her! Hope u like my little sunshine -v-

5 thoughts on “New O.C: Sunny

    1. Ummm thank you but I think u didn’t understand what an OC is, right? An OC is an ‘original character’ so it’s a character that I create. So I created her, I don’t understand why do you say congrats but thanks! 🙂


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