Hello everyone! New blog! (Yay!)

Hey everyone! From now on you can call me Artemisa. I had just one blog called Escritos de una joven in spanish. There, I published all my short stories. (That, by the way were pretty cool ;)) And I wrote it in Spanish ’cause I think it’s easier for me to write in spanish (you know, as it is my native language.) “Well” I thought. “I have a pretty good level in english so… Why don’t combine my two AWESOME qualities (just jokin’) and make an english blog with DRAWINGS!” I mean, I LOVE drawing. (Specially manga) so while I learn I can publish my drawings. I know that I don’t draw GORGEOUSLY (Do you say it that way? Well, I dunno…) but, hey! I don’t draw that bad! (I’m not being modest, it’s the truth)
So well, I’ll publish my draws, although they are in a Notebook right now until I finish it and find a good sketchbook.
Well, as this is the first entry, I’m gonna write more about me. Well I’m a friki, otaku, reading girl. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but I love reading (Harry Potter! Percy Jackson!) Mangas or animes and videogames like Minecraft (That all of you probably will already know) and Starcraft. (And AMAZING strategy game in which there are three breeds: Protoss, (my favourite), Zerg and Terran (Human beings) )
I know all of this sounds pretty weird, but, hey! Imma friki girl! And thats what friki girls are!

Another thing about me… well, um… I don’t know. You’ll see along the blog. Well, my most sincere LOVE to all of you and…


I will be posting soon

Guys, I´m sorry for the delay, but I am on a journey and I can´t post very often. I chose to enjoy the trip and not post anything, but I have loads of things to post so, don´t worry! I will try to post things tomorrow. Hope u enjoy your summer!


OC Drawing Challenge: Day one-Draw your O.C in the opposite sex

Well, well, well, this took me a while, I didn’t know how to draw Arte as a boy! Well, I added him (in this drawing she is a boy) a hoodie although it’s not in my O.C’s original outfit.

The eyes are totally different as well as the rest of the body but it has something to do with the original one. In this drawing ‘he’ would be with a stranger, note that he is so serious and although you can’t see it, uncomfortable. I really hope you like it!

Oh, and I won’t be very active lately, just to post a few posts and to answer comments so if u tagged me for something tell me and wait because it will take long (Sorry, Loki sis 😦 but I am going on a journey)

Hope u like this drawing, today I am travelling to Madrid, I am so nervouss!

O.C drawing challenge

¡Hola! Although this is not in the challenge I decided to put it just for u to know my O.C a little better:

Name: Artemisa

Nickname: Arte (she loves being called like that)

Gender: Female

Age: Not determined yet

Likes: Being in SHIELD, animals, flying with her powers.

Hates: Experiments on her, bullies, her past.

Fav color: Turquoise

Abilities: Telepathy, telekinesis.

Personality: Shy and timid with unknown people. Happy and sensitive with friends. She doesn’t like showing her feelings and just a few people know how to make her show them.

Hope u like her! She is my only O.C by now… ^-^b I have to create more! This Thursday I will start with requests! (Yayyy)

Well, I gotta go now, my sketchbook is calling me! Oh, btw I have a new sketchbook and I love it, bye!

Dr Strange {Request from Annerunsontea}

Well, Anne asked me to draw Dr Strange so… here you got Anne!

It took me a while, I hope u guys like it! Well, the thing is I’m starting this challenge with my O.C:

I saw it in Picsart so I decided to join ^-^.

I am so excited, byee!


Galaxy hair girl


I like a lot ‘galaxy’ stuff so I made this one!

I love how this turned out, I hope you like it! The galaxy effect was not done by me, I took it from Picsart. Talking about PicsArt, I have an account since last summer! It’s called @artemisa007 just in case you have PicsArt. Hope u like the drawing and byeee!


Why do I even cry?

Why my tears keep falling from my eyes?

Why can’t I stop my weeping?

Why does everybody look at me?

Why can’t I become stronger?

Everybody does.

But the more I cry, the weaker I become.

Why? Why can’t I stop being so sensitive?

I think I have the answer for that:

Because of you.

Ok, people don’t worry at all, ok? I’m ok, this is fictional and isn’t happening to me or something. I just had to draw water drops to practice light and shading and they reminded me of tears, so I made up this… poem? I don’t know. I know it might have dome mistakes, because my English isn’t perfect, but I hope you like it!

My O.C’s alter ego

¡Hola! I made a new doodle (kind of) of my O.C’s alter ego:

And… yeah, she is weeping blood. Sorry for sensitive people. Just imagine is tomato juice or ketchup, lolz.

And I have a new project! In summer holidays I will do as many drawing challenges as I can. Maybe more than one at a time, but I want to draw a lot! I’m going to northern Spain this summer by aprox two weeks, so I won’t be able to draw, because I will be doing different activities there (I will surf for my first time! I’m so excited >w<). I hope I improve my drawing during the summer, yayy!

Doodle-me page

¡Hola! I was bored just after an exam, and I had one extra paper, so… (creativity!) I started to draw. ‘I would have never expected that!’ You’ll say. And yeah, I’m really predictable, but as it’s almost summer (Well, here is Summer because it’s really hot) and I changed my clothing I thought: Why do not draw me? I brought it in a vote in my mind and everyone except one or two people said yes (I-don’t-care didn’t vote, and Lazyness is too lazy to vote so…) Creativity and imagination were really excited and I decided to do it. (Wow, I’m crazy) Well, my new outfit includes a new (but not so new) hairstyle, which is like the ponytail but with a hairclip. Really Spanish actually, (or is that used in another countries as well?🤔) right? Well this is the doodling I did. And of course I couldn’t help drawing Loki. Yeah, I know I’m predictable, he’s just too handsome.

Hope u liked it and… ¡Adios!