Hello everyone! New blog! (Yay!)

Hey everyone! From now on you can call me Artemisa. I had just one blog called Escritos de una joven in spanish. There, I published all my short stories. (That, by the way were pretty cool ;)) And I wrote it in Spanish ’cause I think it’s easier for me to write in spanish (you know, as it is my native language.) “Well” I thought. “I have a pretty good level in english so… Why don’t combine my two AWESOME qualities (just jokin’) and make an english blog with DRAWINGS!” I mean, I LOVE drawing. (Specially manga) so while I learn I can publish my drawings. I know that I don’t draw GORGEOUSLY (Do you say it that way? Well, I dunno…) but, hey! I don’t draw that bad! (I’m not being modest, it’s the truth)
So well, I’ll publish my draws, although they are in a Notebook right now until I finish it and find a good sketchbook.
Well, as this is the first entry, I’m gonna write more about me. Well I’m a friki, otaku, reading girl. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but I love reading (Harry Potter! Percy Jackson!) Mangas or animes and videogames like Minecraft (That all of you probably will already know) and Starcraft. (And AMAZING strategy game in which there are three breeds: Protoss, (my favourite), Zerg and Terran (Human beings) )
I know all of this sounds pretty weird, but, hey! Imma friki girl! And thats what friki girls are!

Another thing about me… well, um… I don’t know. You’ll see along the blog. Well, my most sincere LOVE to all of you and…


I’m sorry guys…

I’m sorry guys but this week I will be a bit inactive. At least till Saturday. I won’t be able to draw anything till then, because I am doing the Cambridge FCE exam this Friday and Saturday morning so I gotta practice. Please wish me luck and those religious people pray for me please, that would really mean something for me (TvT)

I hope the tests goes fine, and that I keep learning english like now with all of you. You help me a lot to talk english! And from now on, if you see a mistake in my posts just tell me please, I want to speak english reaaally fluently, as a native speaker!

Gaaah I’m so nervous! Wish me luck!


Practising men anatomy


I was practising men anatomy because Annerunsontea and Swinging on a Star asked me to do Dr Strange and Deadpool (who are men, cough cough obvious comment) and I started to practice men anatomy! Here is a photo of a (muscular) man:

So, let’s see how the drawings turn out!

Thumbnail {Request from PM&C}

So, Por Mix and Create asked me to draw a Thumbnail for her page! So here it is!


XD you like it? Nooo, no. Don’t think that is the drawing! The real drawing is this one:

You like it? At first I was shocked because I thought that thumbnail meant only THIS thumbnail!

But I looked it up on the dictionary and I found that didn’t just mean THAT thumbnail. Also, if you want the drawing smaller here you have: (I don’t know if in the blog it seems smaller but in my post it does!)

I hope you really like it! And I found another way of doing the shadows, I was wondering how, because I wanted to be the shadows equal in darkness, so I thought of painting it with less opacity, but then, when you paint over it again to retouch it, it looks really bad. So, Lulu_chan that thought the same, told me that you could reduce the opacity of the whole layer, so now shadows are so cool!

Well, I hope you like the drawings and… bye-byeee!

REQUESTS OPENED!!! Please enter and ask me for a drawing.

Yayyyy! I have finally finished round one of requests! I have now began the round two. You can tell me your request in the comments but if you have something private to say just write an email to artemisadlg@gmail.com , it is not my personal mail but I will look if I have mails every day. Ok, for me to draw to you something you have to tell me the following:

1-Traditional or Digital drawing. This is optional, if you don’t choose I will, but I prefer traditional drawings please, they are easier and more fun to do!

2-Eye colour

3-Hair colour


5-Obviously: Gender


7-Any characteristical feature.

But if it’s an already created character, just tell me it’s name and the book/movie/anime/series where it came from or the page where to look it up to see how to draw it. And, requests will be drawn with my own style that is a kinda anime style. If you want to specify how you want me to draw it you can. You can ask me for two requests, but the second will be left for the next round, and if in the previous round you asked me for a drawing already it doesn’t matter. But, you have to take into account the next things:

1-I will go easy and I won’t stress so it may take long. (Not longer than one or two months, of course)

2-I will draw other things in the mean time so don’t go mad!

I have already one request from Pour Mix & Create,but it doesn’t mean it goes in order, I sometimes get confused with anatomy so I leave it until I get things right. In further posts I will be publishing your requests, if you see one of yours are not there, just tell me in the comments. I hope you ask me something to draw!

Shuvi NGNL {Koset’s request}


I’m here with the LAST REQUEEEEST!! Koset (braindumblogic) asked me to draw one character (called Shuvi) from an anime called No Game No Life. Another anime request! Well, I won’t lie to you, I love doing anime requests, specially girls! Shuvi seems to be like a kawaii (but reaaally kawaii) robot! Here you got my drawing:

I will be honest, I’m a bit proud of the drawing. I’m improving in drawing and that motivates me a lot to continue drawing. Btw, I have a new signature, as you may have observed. It’s like an A (Of Artemisa) and a bow (Because Artemisa is the goddess of the hunt, and she uses a bow). My old signature was a bit…. boring, so I decided to change it. Well, hope you like it and the most important thing, that Koset likes it!


Asuna SAO {Zankhana Goyal’s request)


Zankhana Goyal asked me a looong time ago to draw Kirito or Asuna from Sword Art Online (Alias SAO). It took me a while because I couldn’t find a way to draw her, but eventually I did!

Hope you like it ’cause I’m really proud! I love her outfit and it was really fun to draw. I just have one request leeft!

Btw, this afternoon, I discovered that shopping is cool! I went shopping because I didn’t have summer clothes, and in one shop there were such cool clothes. I was cheerful and I loved some T-Shirts. Oh, and btw I bought a jumper just the same colour as my O.C’s one! But the think I liked the most was the music. I looove that shop just because it plays such cool and cheering up music, and I listened the soundtrack of a super cool movie called “Cellular”, in which the main character is played by Chris Evans (Captain America) when he was like 20, and he was so young XD! The movie is a thriller but the music has mothing to do with it! I will post aome things about the movie when I have time (tomorrow). Well, hope you guys like the drawing and watch the movie! Byeeeee!

Dango-herself {My friend’s request}


I have here aaaaaaanother request from my friend who hasn’t got a WordPress account YET. She loves dangos (From the anime Clannad, I think it’s written that way) so I decided to do her as a dango-girl! Here is the drawing!

Hope you guys like it! She liked it or at least I think so. Well, I have only two requests more and I will begin the second round of requestssss!! I hope you ask me to draw lots of things, but please don’t stress me😅. If you ask me two things the next one will have to wait to the next round, if not it wouldn’t be fair, you know. I gotta go now, byeeee!

Lara Croft-Style girl {Loslunesperros’ request}


I have here another request from Loslunesperros. She asked me for “una chica cañera al rollo Lara Croft” I tried to do camouflage in her jeans but I didn’t want to spoil the drawing. That thing she has on her back is a gun. Here you have the limeart of the drawing:

And the final drawing, hope you like it!

I know the proportions aren’t very well, but I am learning right now, sorry😅. Hope you guys like it and byeee!