Hello everyone! New blog! (Yay!)

Hey everyone! From now on you can call me Artemisa. I had just one blog called Escritos de una joven in spanish. There, I published all my short stories. (That, by the way were pretty cool ;)) And I wrote it in Spanish ’cause I think it’s easier for me to write in spanish (you know, as it is my native language.) “Well” I thought. “I have a pretty good level in english so… Why don’t combine my two AWESOME qualities (just jokin’) and make an english blog with DRAWINGS!” I mean, I LOVE drawing. (Specially manga) so while I learn I can publish my drawings. I know that I don’t draw GORGEOUSLY (Do you say it that way? Well, I dunno…) but, hey! I don’t draw that bad! (I’m not being modest, it’s the truth)
So well, I’ll publish my draws, although they are in a Notebook right now until I finish it and find a good sketchbook.
Well, as this is the first entry, I’m gonna write more about me. Well I’m a friki, otaku, reading girl. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but I love reading (Harry Potter! Percy Jackson!) Mangas or animes and videogames like Minecraft (That all of you probably will already know) and Starcraft. (And AMAZING strategy game in which there are three breeds: Protoss, (my favourite), Zerg and Terran (Human beings) )
I know all of this sounds pretty weird, but, hey! Imma friki girl! And thats what friki girls are!

Another thing about me… well, um… I don’t know. You’ll see along the blog. Well, my most sincere LOVE to all of you and…

Hey guys! Remember me?

Hii! I know I haven´t been here since like, forever? I realised that WordPress was used more by adults than teenagers, so I moved to other social media like Instagram (@artemisa_007) or PicsArt (@artemisa007)

I just entered here to see if there is still people who actually remember me and want me to keep posting. If not, it´s completely ok! I just can keep posting on Instagram and that´s it. But if you actally want me to keep posting please say so in the comments (be honest please) And even though there will be sometimes in which I will be inactive I will try to post as much as possible.

Thak you so much for all the support you have shown to me in the last years!

Random drawings

Hey guys I’m just going to post random drawings or doodles I did lately.

I did this drawing with my uncle’s iPad Pro. I love to draw digitally when it isn’t with the finger >w<

I did this drawing on my way to Madrid, when I went to visit my cousins. I love how the face turned out, although the hair is a bit weird

And this comic is sort of a joke about my low self esteem😅. (Oh, and the girl in it is the real me, how I look like.)

Hey, and I don’t hate myself that much alright? It was just a joke.

And with all of this said… goodbye!


Hiii! As I made a Q&A on PicsArt I made this here as well. You can ask things to my three O.Cs:

Sunny, Arte and Lily in order. (This image is a request I did to @craftykawaii on PicsArt and she drew my three O.Cs!)

Also, you can ask them to do things! Like truth or dare, more or less.

Here are the questions that had been asked by people on PicsArt:

@sofi707: Does Arte have a crush on anyone? If so dare her to kiss him.

@kosetspacechild: Is Sunny allowed to do a closet tour?

@sugxrwaffles: I ask Lily two questions: 1) HOW CAN YOU BE SO CUTE AN AMAZING DEAR?? And 2)Where are you from?

@craftykawaii: Does Sunny have powers or just Lily?

@broken-hearts: What apps do u use to draw them?

And that’s the things you don’t have to ask. But please ask something! Also, If you want to ask me something you can.

New O.C: Sunny

Hi there! Here I am, introducing my new O.C and Lily’s sister. They are twins (they don’t look alike tho)

Well here she is:

This is a digital doodle.This is her kind of sleeping? I made this drawing for the Inktober

This is her when she had long hair (This is for the Inktober as well.)

Name: Sunny (Her real name is Youko)

Gender: Feminine

She is really kind and cheerful to others, even when she is hurt. She is Lily’s sister, and escaped with her and Arte from the lab. She is so cheerful that almost everyone loves her.

Likes: Day, Sun, animals (Specially lions), music, people, parties and the beach

Dislikes: Darkness, bullies, people being sad (that’s why she is always cheerful), needles, teachers and flirty boys.

And that’s her! Hope u like my little sunshine -v-

New O.C: Lily

Hiii! Here I have a new O.C called Lily. She’s got a stister called Sunny (Although I’m not sure about the name).

I have loads of drawings of her because I love her so much :3

Name: Lily (Her real name is Saya, though)

Gender: Feminine (She/Her)

Age: 16

She looks serious because she just shows her emotions to people she cares about. In the inside she is very sensitive (like too much). Her story is tragic and goes along with Arte’s story (like they were in that weird lab together, and the serum that was given to Arte comes from Lily and Sunny, her sister).

Likes: Night, rain, animals (specially wolves), music, dancing (secretly), the Moon and hugs. Of people he cares about.

Dislikes: Bullies, exposing her feelings, parties, reggae and needles.

She has also got powers, but I will explain that in anither post :3

Here you got other drawings I did of her:

I was actually proud of this…

That is Lily using her powers.That was for the Inktober

Aaand I know, the only one I like is the Moon drawing (that took me a while btw)

Oh, and whoever draws her shall be loved and appreciated by me. >w<

And that’s it! I will publish her sis tomorrow/this afternoon.



Hey guys! Artemisa is now back :3

On Summer I got really into animation memes (Just look in YouTube, I love them). I wanted to start doing my own memes but… didn’t have much time. SO, I used FlipaClip (An App for animating) and made this little thing (which I now don’t like ;v;)

Yup, just a crying girl. But it’s an animation! I spent a whole afternoon in this ok??

I am currently working in one animation meme, hehe. And I think this time I will make it! Because it is kinda easy (?

Hope u like this animation


Alright, I didn’t come back :/

Hi guys, ummm I know, after the post in which I said I was going to post soon I didn’t post anything. I am not going to give any excuses, I was focused on another app called PicsArt and I didn’t feel like posting here, although I regret it, (specially for my Loki sis T^T). And I’m sorry, :/

I have a LOT of drawings to post but I have to ask if anyone of you wants me to keep posting because if everyone left my blog… well I won’t post anything else.

Hope u don’t hate me for this ;v;


I will be posting soon

Guys, I´m sorry for the delay, but I am on a journey and I can´t post very often. I chose to enjoy the trip and not post anything, but I have loads of things to post so, don´t worry! I will try to post things tomorrow. Hope u enjoy your summer!


OC Drawing Challenge: Day one-Draw your O.C in the opposite sex

Well, well, well, this took me a while, I didn’t know how to draw Arte as a boy! Well, I added him (in this drawing she is a boy) a hoodie although it’s not in my O.C’s original outfit.

The eyes are totally different as well as the rest of the body but it has something to do with the original one. In this drawing ‘he’ would be with a stranger, note that he is so serious and although you can’t see it, uncomfortable. I really hope you like it!

Oh, and I won’t be very active lately, just to post a few posts and to answer comments so if u tagged me for something tell me and wait because it will take long (Sorry, Loki sis 😦 but I am going on a journey)

Hope u like this drawing, today I am travelling to Madrid, I am so nervouss!