Hello everyone! New blog! (Yay!)

Hey! Welcome to my new blog! Click here for more AMAZING information!


Hey everyone! From now on you can call me Artemisa. I had just one blog called Escritos de una joven in spanish. There, I published all my short stories. (That, by the way were pretty cool ;)) And I wrote it in Spanish ’cause I think it’s easier for me to write in spanish (you know, as it is my native language.) “Well” I thought. “I have a pretty good level in english so… Why don’t combine my two AWESOME qualities (just jokin’) and make an english blog with DRAWINGS!” I mean, I LOVE drawing. (Specially manga) so while I learn I can publish my drawings. I know that I don’t draw GORGEOUSLY (Do you say it that way? Well, I dunno…) but, hey! I don’t draw that bad! (I’m not being modest, it’s the truth)
So well, I’ll publish my draws, although they are in a Notebook right now until I finish it and find a good sketchbook.
Well, as this is the first entry, I’m gonna write more about me. Well I’m a friki, otaku, reading girl. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but I love reading (Harry Potter! Percy Jackson!) Mangas or animes and videogames like Minecraft (That all of you probably will already know) and Starcraft. (And AMAZING strategy game in which there are three breeds: Protoss, (my favourite), Zerg and Terran (Human beings) )
I know all of this sounds pretty weird, but, hey! Imma friki girl! And thats what friki girls are!

Another thing about me… well, um… I don’t know. You’ll see along the blog. Well, my most sincere LOVE to all of you and…

Lulu_chan★ contest entry + new plans! (Again 7w7)

Heres my drawing! I hope you like it. Its kinda… greek goddess?? Maybe Aphrodite’s daughter! (See Story Cubes greek story in my other blog) Well guys, here’s my new drawing!

And btw, I saw this this afternoon:

Thanks guys, I’m soooo proud of us!! Of this little comunity that only grows and grows. Ok, and I also saw… THIS!!!

(Sorry, stadistics are in Spanish but I dunno how to turn them on english) Ok, so we are just STARTING the year and we have already a half likes, visits and visitors!! I’m (again) so PROOOOUD of this bloooog!! Thanks to ALL of you!! And btw… I’m thinking of creating (Well, continuing, cuz I already started in summer an account with drawings in that time I was super proud of and now I’m super… like vomiting every time I saw them. Well, except one (That its not that good, ok? But I’m proud of the mouth and all that stuff In which now I’m horrible at😅) in which I literally spent… 6h? I think more. I was sooo perfectionist that I had to do EVERYTHING purrrrfect (Haha!), if it was a little more to the right I erased it. If somebody counted every time I erased a part of that drawing… maybe 70? But those drawings made me now good at profiles. Now I have to be good at front faces and anatomy!! (7-7 Yayyy) Well, the thing is I’m thinking of continuing that account, but its name was (Wait, I gotta remember) umm… @calypso_manga or something like that. It maybe ended in 07 or 007 but I just dont rememberrrr… I had just family following me and it was sooo embarrasing! But it really doesnt happen anything now. Well and another proyect of mine was doing some speedpaints, but that will be when I learn to draw good manga, so… maybe in 6 months of intensive drawing classes? I really dunno. But dont listen to me in proyects cuz I just or forget or literally pass. Thats another defect of mine (Say hello to lazyness, depression and perfectionism,) so… well, I’ll try to do it this time!

Ok, sooo another Manga girl!

But, this time with a “gentle breeze” blowing to give it more animation. So… I must tell u that searching on the internet… Ive seen such good manga pictures… OMG, Im kinda depressed right now… why do that much people draw manga that good? Uuurgh, I’m frustrated. Well, I hope that practice will make perfection. And btw I think I’m gonna save money a bit to… try to buy a Wacom Intuos! Maybe in my birthday… If I collaborate a bit with my money… but I dont really think so. Its just an intention. The thing is that I dont draw very… umm clean in paper cuz… I erase a LOT and that makes the paper… filthy. Thats why I want a wacom… well less blablabla and more action! Heres my drawing:

And Ill soon post Lulu_chan★ contest

Drive not working

Ok, guys, ummm this is not an excuse, ok? I have done a drawing (yesterday) which I couldnt post, becaaaaause Drive’s not working!! Mi iPad hasnt got camera (really dunno why) aaand I cant post my drawings without drive (Make a picture with my mobile phone and then put it into drive…) and until I do something weird (Im not gonna explain now) I cant publish anything. So…. sorry guys 😦 Maybe I can try this afternoon.

Kinda fanart of… Ginny!!

I made a fanart of Gonny Weasley from Harry Potter. I loved this character in the first books because she was so shy and we were a bit similar. So I made her but theres something wrong in the drawing I cant see… can you help me? Its like the head its too… narrow? Meh, dunno. And the eyes are too… ¿Orange? Well, here you got!

I did her as when she sees Harry. Although I didn’t put her blushed. Well, as we are all of us when we see our “crush”… although in some cases he just doesnt notice you😔:

Manga girl 2!!!

Sooo heres the profileeee!! Btw both drawings were copied from my awesome powesome anime girls book! It was done with the promarkers of winsor&newston and my sakura pens!

And urgh I dunno how but Im finally proud of a drawing!! *\(^o^)/*!! (Yayyy!!) And even more than the last one!! I luuv it! Well here youre gonna see why I love it so much…

But I kinda screwed it up with the jaw. Someone told me to do the line and… as did it directly with the pen… you know thats a rule of mine: “Dont do ANYTHING directly with the pen” but I kinda didnt listen and… well you know. But focus more on the hair (with its super awesome shadows), the nose… well hope you like it and… which do you think its better?

Ok!! Super duper awesome powesome (I just invented it ok?) Manga Girrrrl!!

So, Im SO ANGRY because, in my Liebster awards post EVERY SINGLE TIME I UPDATED IT, IT GOT WRONG AGAINNNNN UUUUUUUUUUURGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, now I´m gonna post this post and post my manga girl and woopsie! “Sorry Artemisa, as you got too less angry… I´m not gonna let you post the foto!” Like, “Lets get you more angry! Oh, and by the way dont let you time for drawing! I like that plan!” So… dear Mr. Murphy (Hope you know who is it, if not ask in comments) I DONT LIKE ITTTTT (I love it love it love i-NOPE) I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT OOOOOH. And what the f-I mean HELL are you doing with your live!! This is the perfect time to say: LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOONE (Chorus Leave me aloooohooohooohne) bis. Please, I mean WHYYYY.

Well, less depress…ing posts and more action! Here is my drawing!


And colouuured! (With my super duper Faber Castell pencils and Shakura pens!)


Btw, that black thing ITS NOT THE MOUTHS INSIIIIIDE, its the upper lip… try to imagine as it was that way. Ok, and about the Liebster awards… SORRY, (but no sorry) MURPHY, YOU WONT GET WHAT YOU WONT!! I definitely… DROP IT. So… sorry guys but Im not gonna post them again… just so sorry but… my patience level wasn´t high enough 😦

Hope you like it!!! 😉